Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Soldier's Angels

Please take a moment to consider joining this worthwhile endeavor! These folks have developed a way for you to write to a soldier or send much needed supplies. You can adopt a soldier or have them send what you choose to any soldier. Check out their website at

An Introduction

The lollipop tree exists. It lives on a sleepy little back road in my hometown. Surrounded by cranberry bogs and old stone fences, the tree stands out because of it's shape. Yes, it is shaped like a giant lollipop! I had the great fortune of returning to live in my hometown for several years. During my time there, I became reacquainted with the area by taking walks every evening. This tree, a cedar tree, with it's long slender trunk and it's branches all formed into an evergreen ball, became a symbol that stirred childhood memories each time I walked down that road. I no longer live in that town, but I occasionally get to visit friends that live on that sleepy little back road. The tree is still there, oblivious to time, unlike our lives that seem to be always evolving, it is the one constant, the one stable part of an ever changing landscape.