Friday, July 23, 2010

Name That Bird!

This little woman showed up at the base with four cute babies in tow.... we are still trying to identify her! We've thought she might be plover, we thought she might be tern... but we have yet to find an exact match for her! Any bird lovers out there that might want to take a guess? Nest is in an open field (air field) and they play on the pavement, darting and dashing about through the apparatus doors at the fire station. The mother will flail about if you get near her babies, trying to draw your attention to her and away from them.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sunny Skies

We've had some great weather these past few days! I'm back to work, and because it's summertime, we're working double shifts and days off are in short supply this week! I've pretty much recovered from the health issues, just trying to find a moment to get back to the gym. (My newest passion!) I'm grateful for all of your comments, good wishes, etc. It's so nice to see you are all still hanging out in the blogoshpere! I'm hoping to have some time off by the end of this week and the plan is to do some fishing, some more fishing and maybe I'll even do some catching!

Here's a photo I snapped as I left on of my favorite places to eat (Up The Creek Again)... he was just hanging out and let me take several shots of him... this one is the best of the bunch...

Have a happy, safe Fourth of July and if you get a chance, thank a soldier, vet, volunteer... they're the reason we CAN celebrate our freedom!