Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008!

~dust, dust, swish, wipe~
Wow, it's been awhile since the blog has been touched! Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Year !

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Newfie's Cure Alls and Magical Elixirs -- Part One

According to my friend Newfie, pine sap is a definate "must have" when creating a Newfie First Aid Kit. Not only does it coat and heal cuts and minor abrasions, it stops scars from forming, prevents infections and promotes new skin cells. He also told me if you ever find yourself alone and feel a heart attack coming on, just take a deep breath, hold your stomach, and cough as hard as you can. He couldn't explain how this was suppose to stop the attack, but assured me that it does. Hmmmm, guess I can just throw out my CPR card now. More cure-all's to come.... Stay tuned!**

The above is meant for entertainment purposes only. These are not proven medical treatments and should not be interpreted as such.

Looking at the Inside of My Eyelids

Yesterday, after my third 16 hour shift in a row, I stumbled into my bedroom, and into a coma. Only problem? Less than six hours before I had to report back to work. Did I set the alarm clock? Did I feed the animals? Turn off all the lights? I had spent an hour preparing food for the upcoming shift, taking a shower, pulling clothes from the dryer, washing dishes and pinning up my uniform. Teeth brushed? ID card and Swipe Card next to cell phone and earrings to be put on, all lying together on top of the dresser? Was the cell phone plugged into the charger? The garbage needs to go out to the can in the garage... mental note.(Please, no furry surprises this time!) Did I mail the check for the electric bill yet? I think I need stamps? How much milk is left for daughter's cereal in the morning? The truck has gas, right? Oh yeah, I filled it up before I came home. I really should clean the gutters when I'm off from work. Still have to winterize.... pull the covers up over my head, EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH.... Noooooo! Not yet! I just closed my eyes!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Great Read....

Murphy was a Grunt: An Unexpected Serenade

This guy knows how to tell a story! I was howling.... choking on my coffee....
for those of you who like to read milblogs... this is definately a must read!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Ten More Minutes Please!

"Can I please just have Ten More Minutes".....
1. to Sleep
2. of Hot Water In the Shower
3. to Lay In the Hammock
4. to Feel the Sun on my Face
5. to Slow Dance
6. to Sit on the Dock at the Lake
7. to Sleep (yes, twice)!
8. to Do the Crossword Puzzle
9. to Look at the Stars Wish for ten more minutes.....

Feel free to share your 'wish lists'!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mouse Hill

500 years from now, when someone happens to dig around in my back yard, I wonder what they will think when they come upon Mouse Hill. The discovery will probably astound and bewilder. What in the world would 60 or more mouse skeletons be doing in one heaping pile? This is what goes through my mind every day when I come home from work to find the two or three little "presents" that my cat Charlie has left for me on the back steps. As part of the ritual, I have started keeping a shovel by the back door, using it to heave the cargo over the embankment, generally in the same spot each time. It is such an unpleasant task, and if I could figure out how to stop the deposits I would. Perhaps I'll try a bell? For Whom the Bell Tolls..... for the little ones on Mouse Hill!

These Boots Were NOT made for Walking!

This morning we decided that it was too foggy to do our usual 2 mile walk to the rotary. Too dangerous. No one would be able to see us. The fog was thicker than I have ever seen it. Less than 8 foot visibility. No changing into our civilian clothes. Just out the door and head home. Ha! The three of us were met by the director on his way in to work. Shamed us into walking by telling us that the ANG personnel were out doing their morning exercises. So, not wanting to take the time to change, we walked in our uniforms. Our uniforms and boots. The first mile went good up until the heels of my feet started welling up with blisters. I had no choice. Take the boots OFF. No sucking it up for this kid. Just take the boots OFF! Nice smooth pavement, no problem! Just have to endure the merciless teasing and name calling.(For those of you old enough to remember) I swear I heard Nancy Sinatra singing as I hobbled back with my boots in one hand, and my pride dragging on the ground behind me.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Contributing to the Deliquincy of a Possum?

Several days ago, while taking out a bag of trash to the garbage cans in my garage, I discovered something furry in the bottom of one of the cans! A poor, dead possum!(Or was he just playing possum?) After screaming bloody murder, with my heart pounding in my chest at a mere 900 mph, I carried the can out to the woods and disposed of the unfortunate fellow.
Yesterday, at the recycling station, I was standing at the machine, feeding cans into it one by one. I began to see very small holes in all of the empty cans. “ Hmmmm”…. I thought to myself, “tiny teeth marks!” Then it dawned on me! That dang possum and sucked out all of the remaining liquid in the beers cans! He must have gotten so drunk that when he climbed into the garbage can he either couldn’t find his way out or he was passed out!
Can you stand it?

One of Those Nights

One of those nights,
just feel like walking.
Feel like something special is flowing
from the moon to the sea
to the light through me.
Nothing new on my mind,
yet an inexpressible force,
makes me accept,
makes me wonder more.
Today is Tuesday!
What does that mean to me?
Nothing at all.
Seeing my limitations,
imagining knowing everything!
Is it enough to feel it?
Will it lose it's magic if I tell someone?
Can we ever know what is in
someone else's mind?
Write a song,
building in intensity,
traveling beyond light,
beyond sound,
beyond electricity....
In all this beautiful confusion,
I have

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Soldier's Angels

Please take a moment to consider joining this worthwhile endeavor! These folks have developed a way for you to write to a soldier or send much needed supplies. You can adopt a soldier or have them send what you choose to any soldier. Check out their website at

An Introduction

The lollipop tree exists. It lives on a sleepy little back road in my hometown. Surrounded by cranberry bogs and old stone fences, the tree stands out because of it's shape. Yes, it is shaped like a giant lollipop! I had the great fortune of returning to live in my hometown for several years. During my time there, I became reacquainted with the area by taking walks every evening. This tree, a cedar tree, with it's long slender trunk and it's branches all formed into an evergreen ball, became a symbol that stirred childhood memories each time I walked down that road. I no longer live in that town, but I occasionally get to visit friends that live on that sleepy little back road. The tree is still there, oblivious to time, unlike our lives that seem to be always evolving, it is the one constant, the one stable part of an ever changing landscape.