Thursday, November 15, 2007

Looking at the Inside of My Eyelids

Yesterday, after my third 16 hour shift in a row, I stumbled into my bedroom, and into a coma. Only problem? Less than six hours before I had to report back to work. Did I set the alarm clock? Did I feed the animals? Turn off all the lights? I had spent an hour preparing food for the upcoming shift, taking a shower, pulling clothes from the dryer, washing dishes and pinning up my uniform. Teeth brushed? ID card and Swipe Card next to cell phone and earrings to be put on, all lying together on top of the dresser? Was the cell phone plugged into the charger? The garbage needs to go out to the can in the garage... mental note.(Please, no furry surprises this time!) Did I mail the check for the electric bill yet? I think I need stamps? How much milk is left for daughter's cereal in the morning? The truck has gas, right? Oh yeah, I filled it up before I came home. I really should clean the gutters when I'm off from work. Still have to winterize.... pull the covers up over my head, EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH.... Noooooo! Not yet! I just closed my eyes!

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