Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is where I'd rather be... instead I'm working a double shift!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Something to Say!

I don't know who she is, but DANG! I found her here.

Whining in the Rain.....or is it time to build the Ark?

The weather here in the northeast has been incredible. We have had only three days of sunshine in the who month of June! Go HERE if you think I'm joking! Normally, this kind of thing wouldn't really tear me up, but I've been on vacation (using up comp/personal/holiday time before they take it away!) and it doesn't look like I'm going to get a break!
So, besides fishing in the rain.... I've run from the grocery store to my truck in the rain (pushing a loaded cart with bad wheels)..... I've dodged raindrops at outdoor bbq's, puddle jumped in the mall parking lot, and I think I might be coming down with SAD !
I haven't been to the Wellfleet Drive-In like I wanted to do.... or been mini golfing, whale watching, or laid in my hammock in the back yard! My friend and I have postponed a trip to Martha's Vineyard for the last three weeks because each Monday we look at the week's forecast and go... "nope, no way, it just ain't happening!"
Here's the forecast for the next three days:

There's no defense but an umbrella!
I love Henry Wadsworth Longfellow... this guy nailed it when he said, “The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.”
Amen brother!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day......

To all those wonderful men out there, who stepped up to the plate, opened their hearts and gave of themselves to become the silent heroes of their children, and to those who also took on the children of others, may God Bless You and may you have rich rewards; love, respect and honor.

Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Along 6A

Route 6A is considered to be Cape Cod's most historic and scenic highway. The highway is approximately 62 miles long and has many names; Old Kings Highway, Main Street, Sandwich Road, Shore Road, Commercial Street, and Cranberry Highway, depending on what town you're driving through. The present day 6A was once an Indian trade route, traveled on for thousands of years. When the pilgrims arrived, they used it for their carts and wagons, which widened the path. With the emergence of cars in the early 1900's, the trail changed again and is now a tourist attraction! It often follows along the coast and passes through seven Cape towns. I began my photo-journey of Route 6A in the Village of Barnstable, near Phinney's Lane.

TheCoast Guard Heritage Museum used to be a US Custom House and then a Post Office before becoming a museum.

This is the "Oldest Wooden Jail in America".

Across the street from the museum is the Barnstable Unitarian Church.

The church's history dates back to the 1700's but this structure was built in 1907.

The Bacon Farm dates back to the Boston Packet days,(1800-1875). It was owned by Isaac Bacon, a local farmer who sailed his crops of onions up to Boston in his own ship.

There are a lot of streets and lanes off of 6A that lead to the sea... My father used to bring us here to fish when we were kids.

The Post Office in Cummaquid is very small!

I had never been down Mill Lane before, so an adventure awaited! The road takes you by Hallett's Mill Pond.....

before bringing you to another section of Barnstable Harbor,called Mill Creek.

I found an old barn with a thatched roof.....

and Keveney Lane had a one lane bridge!

Here is just one of the many Cape Cod fashioned houses along 6A.

This is a restaurant called the "Gingerbread House", it was built by Captain Frederick Howes who became a famous clipper-ship captain, the master of the clipper-ship "Climax".

"Kitty-corner" across the street from the Gingerbread House, on the south side of the street, is a classic old fashioned Drug Store run by the Hallet-Clark family. They are direct descendants of the original Hallet who settled this area about 350 years ago. It is the only "authentic" ice cream parlor on Cape Cod. Upstairs is a museum containing lots of Hallet memorabilia, some of which belonged to their relative Captain Bangs Hallet.

The Old Yarmouth Inn was built in 1696!

This is the Kelley Chapel, built 1873, the building was intended to provide a place for families of the South Yarmouth fishing community to worship and learn scriptures.

It wasn't open so I peeked in the windows and took these through the thick-paned glass.

This place sits next to the chapel and is currently operational!

The Captain Bangs Hallet House is a must see on the 6A tour.

A ship's anchor, buried in ivy....

A handmade tomato plant cage.....

One of the largest magnolia trees on the Cape....

Beautiful flower gardens....

The back of the house, with the magnolia tree to the right. I believe they grow grapes back here as well.

Last, but not least, is the First Congregational Church,built in 1870.

You can also include my previous posts of Bass Holeand Bone Hillto this stretch of 6A, as well as a hundred more stops that I didn't make along the way. This particular stretch of 6A was merely 10 miles of the 62 miles that makes up The King's Highway on Cape Cod! I'll be doing more photo-journeys as the summer progresses and time allows... Hope you enjoyed this one!