Friday, June 5, 2009

Bone Hill - Long Pasture

Bone Hill is one of my favorite fishing spots on the Cape. I went down to check it out at low tide this morning because I hadn't been down there since last fall and I wanted to see where the new holes were.

This little Cape Cod House sits next to a main house, so I'm not sure if it's acutally lived in... but it wouldn't surprise me.

Bone Hill is also the location of a Wildlife Sanctuary and as you can see, a small goat farm!

The fishing holes constantly change because of the storms that blow in from the northeast, strong winds and water currents. It's important to check out the "landscape" at low tide so you can find the spots that the fish like when the tide is high.

I found this strange circular mark as I was walking across one of the sand bars.

I followed it for about 12 feet and found these guys!

Two horseshoe crabs, waiting for the tide to come in!

I also discovered some tiny treasures scattered about....

These two spots look pretty good!

The beach in this section turns very rocky.

This boulder is mostly underwater at high tide.

Time to head back.... sure hate to leave!


  1. Great pics... but the goat pic REALLY made me smile!

  2. Pretty area! Looks like you've picked two good holes... Now GO CATCH FISH! :-)

  3. Buck - Me too! I stayed long enough to scratch a couple of heads.... they really love that!

    Ok Jim... I'm ready, believe me! I was headed out this morning but another day of rain....ugh! I've been fishing in the rain almost every day for the last two weeks... couldn't face it today... so I'm catching up on blog reads!

  4. That little walk turned out to be quite an adventure. You spotted some very interesting things!! What a lovely place you have so close by:)

  5. I have a picture of a beach scene on my wall with the quote " No place on earth are heartaches better tended."

    I think I need to visit your beach very very soon...your beautiful pictures tempt me so.

  6. Sharon I truly am blessed! I've lived all over the country, but this is home...

    Ky Woman - I love that quote!

  7. I am in awe over the horseshoe crab.