Monday, June 22, 2009

Whining in the Rain.....or is it time to build the Ark?

The weather here in the northeast has been incredible. We have had only three days of sunshine in the who month of June! Go HERE if you think I'm joking! Normally, this kind of thing wouldn't really tear me up, but I've been on vacation (using up comp/personal/holiday time before they take it away!) and it doesn't look like I'm going to get a break!
So, besides fishing in the rain.... I've run from the grocery store to my truck in the rain (pushing a loaded cart with bad wheels)..... I've dodged raindrops at outdoor bbq's, puddle jumped in the mall parking lot, and I think I might be coming down with SAD !
I haven't been to the Wellfleet Drive-In like I wanted to do.... or been mini golfing, whale watching, or laid in my hammock in the back yard! My friend and I have postponed a trip to Martha's Vineyard for the last three weeks because each Monday we look at the week's forecast and go... "nope, no way, it just ain't happening!"
Here's the forecast for the next three days:

There's no defense but an umbrella!
I love Henry Wadsworth Longfellow... this guy nailed it when he said, “The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.”
Amen brother!


  1. It's that Globull warning thingie... :-) We are fianlly dry for 24 hours in row (so far)...

  2. We've had a lot of rain... relatively speaking... in these parts, as well. "A lot" meaning three consecutive days last week, which IS notable here on The High Plains of New Mexico. It's the wettest Spring I've seen in my six years here.

    That said... I sympathize with your complaint. The timing really sucks for you, Alison, and I'm sorry.

  3. Isn't it weird how you can have nothing but clouds and just up here in the Metrowest area we've actually had sun every weekend and rain only during the week - but even then, not enough to cancel any outdoor activities. Even this past weekend, when we were down in RI on vacation, we had sun or partial sun each day. Not exactly beach weather but I did get a sunburn on my nose. Too cold though.

  4. We have had a fairly wet spring, but not like yours. Now with temps reaching into the three digits, well, rain sounds good. I'm sorry about your vacation time. You had some good stuff planned too.

  5. Please feel free to send the rain this way. While we wouldn't know what to do with it and it will cause a ton of accident's (Because again we don't know what to do with rain), it would be greatly appreciated!

    I can only dream of a nice cup of tea sitting by the window watching the rain... I wait every year for the chance.. and it just hasn't come!

    I'll give you all the sun and heat you want!!! Free!!!

  6. Love that quote and that's what it's doing here right now! Thank goodness cuz maybe it will cool down the terrible heat we've been having the last week.

  7. Jim - it's pouring here now, but if I remember right, they say maybe sunshine for Thursday! Enjoy your break from dampness!
    Buck - This has definitely been an unusual Spring here too! Timing is everything isn't it? :)
    The Bumbles - I have seen it rain up north and be dry here on the Cape and vice versa... just no telling what's going to happen here in NE!!
    Lou - you guys can keep those three digit temps! That's just too dang hot!
    Dispatcher - believe me, tea by the window in a rainstorm does sound nice, but not for 20 days in a row!! Let's exchange a couple of days of weather.... that should work!
    Sharon - I have a friend who went down your way for a parental visit, says she's been melting down there! I remember those days, when the humidity was worse than the temp/heat index!