Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Contributing to the Deliquincy of a Possum?

Several days ago, while taking out a bag of trash to the garbage cans in my garage, I discovered something furry in the bottom of one of the cans! A poor, dead possum!(Or was he just playing possum?) After screaming bloody murder, with my heart pounding in my chest at a mere 900 mph, I carried the can out to the woods and disposed of the unfortunate fellow.
Yesterday, at the recycling station, I was standing at the machine, feeding cans into it one by one. I began to see very small holes in all of the empty cans. “ Hmmmm”…. I thought to myself, “tiny teeth marks!” Then it dawned on me! That dang possum and sucked out all of the remaining liquid in the beers cans! He must have gotten so drunk that when he climbed into the garbage can he either couldn’t find his way out or he was passed out!
Can you stand it?

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