Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mouse Hill

500 years from now, when someone happens to dig around in my back yard, I wonder what they will think when they come upon Mouse Hill. The discovery will probably astound and bewilder. What in the world would 60 or more mouse skeletons be doing in one heaping pile? This is what goes through my mind every day when I come home from work to find the two or three little "presents" that my cat Charlie has left for me on the back steps. As part of the ritual, I have started keeping a shovel by the back door, using it to heave the cargo over the embankment, generally in the same spot each time. It is such an unpleasant task, and if I could figure out how to stop the deposits I would. Perhaps I'll try a bell? For Whom the Bell Tolls..... for the little ones on Mouse Hill!


  1. Yeah, I bet abell would work.

    And I think, in cat psychology, Charlie is doing that to be nice to his owners. Or maybe it's like paying rent, or even bragging. I love cats, but they are just funny little tiger wannabes!

  2. He is a show-off indeed, and quite proud of his presents!