Thursday, October 4, 2007

These Boots Were NOT made for Walking!

This morning we decided that it was too foggy to do our usual 2 mile walk to the rotary. Too dangerous. No one would be able to see us. The fog was thicker than I have ever seen it. Less than 8 foot visibility. No changing into our civilian clothes. Just out the door and head home. Ha! The three of us were met by the director on his way in to work. Shamed us into walking by telling us that the ANG personnel were out doing their morning exercises. So, not wanting to take the time to change, we walked in our uniforms. Our uniforms and boots. The first mile went good up until the heels of my feet started welling up with blisters. I had no choice. Take the boots OFF. No sucking it up for this kid. Just take the boots OFF! Nice smooth pavement, no problem! Just have to endure the merciless teasing and name calling.(For those of you old enough to remember) I swear I heard Nancy Sinatra singing as I hobbled back with my boots in one hand, and my pride dragging on the ground behind me.

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