Sunday, November 29, 2009

Spectacular Sunsets of the Past

Some of these were taken with a cell phone camera, so the quality is greatly lacking. What I find interesting when I look at these is that I remember where I was, what mood I was in, what the weather was like for each and every one of these photos. (except the 3rd photo which was taken by my daughter and who has given her permission for it to be posted here.) I remember who I was with, if I wasn't alone, and how the beauty of the sunsets, each different in their own way, made me wish I could paint them on canvas, just as they appeared in front of me.


  1. VERY nice. Sunrises and sunsets are just about my favorite times o' day, rivaled only by Happy Hour. In the summer I often get to combine sunset AND Happy Hour, LOL!

  2. Nice collection! And yes, every one of them is special...