Thursday, April 28, 2011

In The Company of Strangers

While walking along the beach in Fort Myers, I spied a couple sitting up near the edge of the dunes. They looked like regular beach goers, not the typical tourists. They were seated in beach chairs, a cooler between them. He had a local newspaper in hand, she had a paperback book. They were speaking with another gentleman when I approached them to ask if they would take my picture, yes - I was playing tourist! They asked where I was from, where I was staying; general pleasantries. After a bit of conversation she, (Judy) took my camera and said she'd snap off a photo for me. Richard (the other gentleman) decided that he should be in the photo as well. Who was I to disagree? So here, in the company of strangers, I am forevermore recorded digitally, standing on Fort Myers beach!


  1. That works! :-) Beaches are strange places...LOL you NEVER know who/what you will see!!!