Sunday, February 3, 2008

By the light of the silvery moon.....

Went for a quick walk tonight before heading out to work. It seems I'm not getting enough exercise in my life (desk job directly related to pants getting tight around the waist) so I'm making an effort to stay away from the snack machine and taking a brisk, daily walk whenever I can find 30 minutes to spare. (Double shift days are exempt!) I have to admit I'm feeling pretty good after taking the walk, and it gave me some time to be alone with myself and those thoughts that we don't always have time to listen to. My plate is pretty full these days with the daily routine; taking care of my daughter, and working on getting her into college by next fall, keeping up with trainings for work, maintaining relationships with my family, and somehow finding time to fit in a moment with a friend or two. Tonight I realized that I hadn't really been doing much for myself lately! As I walked down by the water, waves just cresting above the berm, I thought about how blessed I was, to have a job that I love, a great place to stay, a wonderful, healthy kid, a life that allows me to enjoy some of the simple pleasures! (except potato chips, doughnuts, Captain Crunch cereal and Twizzlers). Bring on the broccoli!

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