Thursday, August 14, 2008

Penny Candy

I have many fond memories of the Old Village Store in my hometown. This picture is of the 1856 Country Store in Centerville. It is of the same style as the store I knew as a child. The floors are wood, the shelves are stock full of antiques, curios and stuff the tourists love to buy... Cape Cod Cranberry Soap, T-shirts and Sweatshirts with the local logo's printed on them, writing paper with beach scenes, kitchen magnets of lobster claws and lighthouses.... sailor's rope bracelets and scrimshaw jewelry

and best of all... way in the back of the store, past the old post office boxes
the best place on earth to be when you are a kid.....the penny candy aisle!

Red licorice, Mary Janes, Squirrels, Bit O'Honey, Root Beer Barrels, can you name any others?

Driving through Centerville down Main street you will see many historical homes, beautiful churches and in true Cape Cod fashion, even the median strips at the traffic lights are decorated like this....

In the winter, we have a Christmas Stroll... and I'll leave you with this last picture of a lovely painting that I see every time I step into the Country Store... something most tourists won't see....


  1. It's good to know the country store still exists in places one wouldn't expect... like Cape Cod (for me, anyway). In my year on the road I always made it a point to explore the small stores in out of the way places. Always interesting, they were... on many different levels.

  2. To name some penny candies. Sixlets,Bazooka Bubble gum,tootsie rolls. Yipes I am showing my age.

  3. My Uncle used to run a country store in West Texas... Fond memories of times long ago...sigh..

  4. What a great place you live!!

  5. The country store is very cool. The old post office in Red River has been turned into a store, but the old boxes where we used to get our mail are still there.

  6. I LOVE the pics of the PO Boxes....and now I am craving horehound sticks.....mmmmm