Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shepard's Pie

The past three weeks have been a whirlwind of work, getting my daughter ready for college and finding just a little time for a walk on the beach. I do have time to myself once in a while... and when the morning's aren't too unbearably hot and humid(and I'm actually HOME and AWAKE), I might be persuaded to turn on the oven or stove. I've been cooking most of our food outside on the grill... or sucumbing to the allure of a/c at the local 99 Steak House, so a good old fashioned home-cooked meal has been far and few between. Today, the clouds parted and low and behold I turned on the oven and baked peanut butter cookies! Carried away in the joy and glee of baking, I decided I'd be pro-active and get dinner ready ahead of time, so all we had to do was heat it up when the appropriate time came to pass. (I'm going in at 1600 hrs for another 16 hr shift). So I whipped up some Shepard's Pie,(Hamburg gravy w/mushrooms and onions, smashed potato's and corn). I don't spice it up too much because my daughter is of a finicky nature...just salt and pepper. I was wondering... just how other's might make shepard's pie? I've seen it with different veggies (peas, carrotts), but even when I order it at Up The Creek Restaurant it is made with hamburg. Feel free to share a receipe or perhaps you've eaten it somewhere that serves it differently?
~~The days are now numbered, only 19 left before we move a truckload up to the dorm, and review the remaining items left behind in the two rooms she has occupied since we moved here in 1997. It's amazing how much she has accumulated in those eleven years. Toys no longer played with. Dolls stuffed into the bottom drawer of a dresser. Clothes that don't fit, and arts and craft projects scattered about... those two rooms look like a bomb exploded in them! "What should I take with me, Mom?"
Only my heart, my life and my memories..... and your hopes and dreams daughter.

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  1. Only my heart, my life and my memories..... and your hopes and dreams daughter.

    Wow, Alison... that nails the whole thing perfectly!

    Great post.

  2. Get ready to do a lot of crying in the near future. So exciting that they are off to a new adventure but so sad at the same time. Good luck to both of you!!
    The trick is just to keep yourself very very busy...especially with things you like to do.

  3. I have a friend who makes shephards pie, but it sounds very simple like yours. Although I like SP, I have never made it.

    When my son went off to college, it was difficult. Of course, I still had Jesse at home to make things easier. Everytime he would come home and go back, I would tear up. I almost liked it better when he just stayed at college because I knew he was safe. We chatted on hotmail often, which also made it easier. Technology is a grand thing.

  4. Scary stuff..going off to college
    I hope all goes smoothly.

  5. Good luck! Here's hoping she makes it through the semester...

  6. Best of luck with all of the changes at home.Rick

  7. Mmmmmm....shepherd's pie....*drools*....She'll be fine at college. I'll be praying for you, honey, for your heart going off with her.
    "To be a parent is to forever have your heart walking around outside of your body."

  8. Buck - Thanks!
    Sharon - I've got the "busy" part nailed!
    Lou - I'll remember that! I think AOL messenger might just do the trick!
    Hammer - Thanks... we've been working towards this day for a while!
    Jim - You are sooooo right!
    Rick - Thanks for the support!
    KV - Good to see you! Yes, heart on sleeve lots lately!