Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another Meme!

Here's a little meme that should get a few folks thinking.... I am carrying it on from Jim's blog over atNobody Asked Me and I am modifying it to bring sexism into play. Yes, it is sexist, but hear me out! At this very moment you men, what do you have in your pockets? Pants, coats, shirts, empty them out and list all the items. Ladies, what do you have in your purses? (that's the sexist part). Please do not include any illegal paraphenalia or eh hem... feminine hygiene products/condoms. We all know those are a necessity and something most folks carry concealed. I'm more interested in the odd things that people carry, or don't carry... aren't you? Please feel free to play and leave your answers in the comment section! As for me, here is the list of purse contents... btw my purse is 8-1/2"L x 6"W. (considered small in the purse world).

1.Mega Millions lottery ticket for 12/30/08.

2. A small piece of paper with a Firehouse poem typed on it :" Fire fire said Mrs. McGuire, where where said Mrs. Ohare"...etc.

3. A card that came with a dozen roses from my boyfriend several months ago.

4.A Wendys receipt for lunch today.

5. A 99 Restaurant receipt for dinner on 12/27/08.

6.63 cents.

7.A lighter. I don't smoke, but you never know when you'll need to start a fire!

8. A small flashlight.

9.A small hairbrush.

10.Two pens.

11.A buck knife.

12. Two gift cards for Stop N Shop grocery store. Thanks Mom!

13.A gift card to Yankee candle. I love candles!

14. A debit card.

15. Less than $20 in cash.

16. Leather card case with assorted store/credit/ID/discount/insurance cards and a book of stamps, wrapped w/rubber band.

17. Make-up case: hand lotion, two lipsticks, mascara, chapstick, foundation, toothpick holder, toothpaste, travel toothbrush, tweezers, small mirror.

18. Cell phone.

Phew! No kitchen sink!


  1. YA gotta post a pic too :-) At least yours is a SMALL purse!

  2. Nothing... because there are no pockets in the shorts I'm wearing at the moment. Well, you did say "at this exact moment," right? ;-)

  3. Jim I know but the pic would have been boooorring with out the special contents like you had!

    Buck - you got me man.

  4. FireFox,

    Do you think you could stop by to pick up your two awards I've bestowed upon such a wonderful blogger?