Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Last Plane Flying

Yesterday I found this awesome photo, taken by Ken Middleton. This photo was taken back in March 2008 on the day the powers that be terminated the 102nd Fighter Wing at Otis. The building behind the F15 is where I work.

This photo, also taken by Ken Middleton, is of the Airshow in 2007. This is why I love working where I work!

Even though the 102nd has changed (Airwing relocated, Intelligence division created) the base still remains active with Coast Guard and Army National Guard business. They are still doing touch and go practices with the big boys, and I have to admit, it is a thrill to see the pilots play.... er... take the planes through their paces.


  1. Nothing reminds me of how proud I am of our country as when I see one of these beautiful machines fly by.

  2. Wow, Looks like fun. I have never been to an airshow but I hope to go to one this spring.

  3. Ah... I see America's FINEST aerial demonstration team lined up on the ramp in that second shot, Alison. I haven't seen 'em in a few years now and hope to change that in the coming season.

    It's a sad thing about Otis. The base has a long and illustrious history, not unlike a lot of other installations I've seen BRAC'ed in my lifetime. {sigh}

  4. Sharon- they sure are inspiring aren't they?

    Becky - I highly recommend seeing a show if you can... the kids will love it!

    Buck - we (Cape Codders) tried so hard to convince them not to do a BRAC, but they wouldn't listen. Seems to me our location alone would have been enough to keep us up and running.... but what do I know? Thanks for the link... they've done a nice job on the website too!

  5. Interesting, i didn't know Otis was still alive... hmmm :-)