Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Precious Time

I've been unable to find the time to write on the blog lately. It seems every day is chock full of things to do! Those pesky chores, errands and appointments seem to never end! My daughter is back living at home and in need of Mom's Taxi, which has added to the lack of time available to blog. I can't say I mind though; soon she will again have her own car to take her back and forth to college and work. Which means, I will only see her in passing, for the most part. While life is racing by us, it's nice to have those fleeting moments; precious time.
When things are very slow at work, I do get to follow my regular reads and occasionally when I'm surfing I stumble upon something that I think should be passed along. This website - a real time saver - All My Faves is a great collection of links to everything and anything you might want or need.
Thanks for hanging in there with me folks... I'm always glad to see your comments and I appreciate the time you take to stop by!


  1. Sometimes life just gets busy. I bet it is nice to have your daughter home again - enjoy.

  2. thanks for taking the time out to visit me:)

  3. WOW! What an amazing collection links at "All My Faves!"

  4. Enjoy the moments with your daughter! Those will become very treasured!