Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Check This Out!!

For you who haven't kept up with the International Space Station, this is
a must see.

Can you imagine the planning necessary to accomplish this?
I hope you enjoy watching the assembly come together at the URL below.

International Space Station Comes Together!


  1. Damn that's cool. Looks like there was no activity from 2002 to 2006 must be because of columbia.

  2. I've seen this linked at other places and it IS just about the coolest thing going these days!

  3. It is neat- I have a bunch of the back out pics, taken by the STS as it leaves the station (friend of mine is the download mgr for NASA at Vint Hill)... I'll have to try to dig them out.

  4. Good point Hammer! I hadn't noticed the gap... but you're probably right. The loss of those seven astronauts shook up the entire nation.

    Buck, I should know better by now... you are the internet savant! I can't pull much out of the hat that you haven't already seen! A challenge!!

    Jim, I hope you can find those photos! Next trip to FL will include a visit to the Space Center!