Friday, April 3, 2009

Win Number 50!

Bruins 2, Senators 1
The Bruins hit 50 wins for the eighth time in franchise history and the first since the 1992-93 season; they reached 110 points for the first time since '82-83. And it's just two years since they missed the playoffs entirely. Milan Lucic and Marc Savard scored for Boston, which would clinch the best record in the East with its next victory or the Washington Capitals' next loss.
David Krejci, a 22-year-old forward who has 22 goals and 50 assists, was named the winner of the Bruins' Seventh Player award for going above and beyond the call of duty and exceed the expectations of Bruins fans. (Nice to see that young talent on our team!)


  1. Congrats to the Bees. And here I sit... my Beloved Wings with 49 wins and having lost THREE straight. Ah, well... there's still five games to go...

  2. You mean they actually stopped fighting long enough to play Hockey??? :-)

  3. FYI - I am in love with Marc Savard - just thought you should know. Awesome games thus far - though Lucic needs to learn to keep his temper checked - hopefully that game suspension doesn't hurt.

  4. LOL! Marc is great but my heart belongs to the old guy...Mark Recchi... at age 41, (still too young for me) he's kickin butt!