Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A new Bird of Paradise..... We hope.

I have a cockatiel. I've had him since 1998. His name is Bird. Yes, I know, it's not too original but his name fits him perfectly. Over the years I have tried to tame him, much to his distress and my frustration. After several years of un-sucess... I stopped trying and since then we've lived in peace and harmony. Except of course when he hears the crows crowing. He hates them, and in some earlier part of his life before life with me, he must have had a scare of some sorts involving crows. Anyhow, Birds life has been very secluded, quiet and I would imagine very lonely. Today, that's all going to change. I was contacted by the Animal Rescue League last Saturday. They've got a three year old female cockatiel who needs adoption. I thought about it, all weekend... did I want the noise in the house? Did I want the added cost, care etc. of another bird?

I've already named her.

I'll be back in a bit... got to go pick her up.


  1. I have a male cockatiel also. His name was bird but now we call him smokie. He loves to mock the smoke alarm. They are funny birds.

  2. Oh there is nothing like bringing new life into a house. After the adjustment period, you'll have so much fun!!!

  3. Heh. Bird and Birdette. How COOL!

  4. I've never really been a bird person, but they are beautiful. While my mom was in Australia, she took some pictures of all the wild cockatiel. It was amazing that they flew wild like any flock of birds. She said it was against the law to try and tame them, but you could buy one from a pet store.

  5. Oh congrats on ur new feather kid!!!! How wonderful..

    We have fur kids in this house.. I'm sure my my would love to meet your birds.. but we will keep that a negative...


  6. Becky - Bird imitates the squirrels out in the yard, wolf whistles and makes general squawking noises when he's mad. Has Smokie ever been with another bird?
    Sharon you are so right! I've spent almost all day yesterday preparing her cage and getting all the necessary equipment etc. She's beautiful!
    Lou, so many of my friends say the same thing about birds... they just don't like them. I'm not a NUT for them, but they are fairly easy pets and they do have a personality! Interesting about Australia and their law against taming them.... I'll have to do some looking into that!
    Dispatcher, I have fur in the house also! Charlie was raised with Bird and believe it or not, they have a slight affection for each other, but only through the cage - I'd never dare otherwise!

  7. Mine has not ever been with another bird that I know of, we got him a year and a half ago and he is very funny. He says
    What cha doin'?
    pretty bird
    feed the bird
    hello birdy
    he is also on you tube dancing to the song "Bob That Head".
    I guess I am a "bird person".lol

  8. Well this is certainly a lovely blog! I am enjoying each post very much! I found it through another blog and plan on adopting you to my blog list. Thanks for being such a good find! I would be flattered if you would stop by and meet my Africa. Thanks!
    Kasha and Africa

  9. Well, if I was Bird, I'd probably welcome some female company! Good luck!

  10. Good luck! It will be interesting to see how they get along... :-)

  11. Bird and Birdette are great names!

    This coming from someone who has had a "Jellicle" Cat and a Mao-Gwai.

    Good luck to your home!