Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cockatiels and Cocktails!

Bird and Birdette have become fast friends. At first, Bird nearly lost his mind over her. I kept them separated, in different cages, only because I wasn't sure if Bird would know how to be social. Bird had spent over 10 years basically by himself. I was afraid that he might try to harm Birdette. When he first met her, he was very excited, paced back and forth on his perch, constantly emitting a soft squawk every minute to two minutes. ( He still does it, even now!) I eventually introduced them while they were outside their cages. Bird is very smitten with her, has eyes only for her and is totally devoted to being her friend. She, on the other hand, could care less if he fell off the face of the planet. Whenever he gets a bit too much for her, she lets him know it with a slight nip (never really touches him, just makes the motion). Today I ingeniously put the two cages together so now they can visit each other, or retreat to their own cage. They seem quite happy with the arrangement and I am quite happy to sit and watch their interactions and antics.

Birdette is in the foreground (the larger of the two) and of course Bird is in the background...

Hope all is well with everyone today.... I'm headed out for an adult beverage to cap off a very beautiful, sunny, summer day off!


  1. Hmmm. Birdette's reactions to Bird seem to be par for the course... for some of us. Just sayin'. :D

    I think I'll join you for that cocktail here in a bit. In a virtual sorta way, of course.

  2. Have never had birds as pets, my favorite to watch is the aquarium. Maybe it's the sound of the water or their ability to glide around their enclosure... all I know is that it's very tranquil and soothing to do.

    Enjoy that adult beverage. I'd join you, but work calls.

  3. I'm not a bird person either, but I do find them interesting to watch.

  4. Mao, Mali and Saffy (The three Meezers) would really-really love me if I got some b1Rd's.

    I wish I could have a bird or two, they look great, and I'm sure they are great fun!

  5. Hah! Bird has probably been dreaming of a Birdette for all 10 of those years. It was probably all he could do to keep from fainting dead when he saw her!