Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One of my favorite fishing spots... Scudder's Lane. What a beautiful day we had yesterday! On a whim I stopped by to see if anyone was around. As you can see it was deserted. Those who have boats had already gone out. I dipped my toes in the cool water and sat for a few minutes in the warm sunshine. Not for long though... had to head back to reality and an evening shift at work. It rained today but I'm hoping for better weather by Thursday.


  1. It doesn't take long to be refreshed by the ocean air. What a beautiful spot!

  2. Nice pic- I'd probably have taken a "nap" :-)

  3. It has been down right hot here. Dipping into the cool water sounds lovely. Lake water starts feeling like warm spit rather than cool and refreshing, but we take what we can get.

  4. Looks like a real great place.

  5. You could have waded in and then worn your Uggs home if you had'em!

  6. Beautiful beach Alison!

    My boots are Uggs and Reamus (in So.Cal) backed up my explanation in comments at my place :)!

  7. I'm way behind in responding to comments... sorry!!!!
    Sharon - I always feel good inside and out when I visit the shore!
    Jim - if it hadn't been mostly rocky shore I might have tried!
    Lou - I know what you mean... the lake here gets down right yukky by the 1st of August.
    Rick - there are so many neat places here!
    Ann- (thanks for the info!) I have to remember to take my "real" camera more often... the cellphone just doesn't do it justice!
    Reamus - Thanks for stopping in! I am now very curious about the UGGS... will be on the look-out for some!