Sunday, September 22, 2013

Syria a Bipartisan Autopsy Report and other stuff

For those of you who care... A statement of truth in the mess we have created in Syria. God help us. For those of you who have chosen to look the other way... You may want to read this.

There was a huge implosion with Niall Ferguson's Newsweek article: Obama's Gotta Go.  Check out the Media's reaction! They couldn't get over it fast enough! 

The 42nd attempt to repeal Obamacare funding is no surprise, however if we do manage to stop the trillions of dollars needed to make this crazy health care bill work, will it stop a government shut-down? Who the heck stole John McCain and replaced him with this guy? if the funding is repealed, we still face staggering debt. What's the plan to balance our budget? Will we cut down on government spending? Or just raise the debt ceiling again?

These and many other questions remain unanswered. Stay tuned. Stay informed.

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