Saturday, September 28, 2013

You called 9-1-1 for what?

Don't let this happen to YOUR dog!

Would you call 911 if your puppy had it's head stuck in a pail?

That's exactly what one woman did in Massachusetts the other day.  The 911 call was answered by the Police Department then transferred to the Fire Department.  Normally, Animal Control officers would be the obvious choice to handle this call.  Why the PD chose to give it to the FD remains a mystery. (We have our suspicions - we could have sworn we heard someone chuckle on the other end of the phone).  Yet, even though the FD is not required to respond to this type of call, they did. The Big Red Fire Truck and 4 brave firemen went out the door, to see if they could help.  I suppose it was a bit like the "cat stuck in a tree" call - an opportunity for good PR, a feel good, be the hero on a slow day type of call.  The puppy was saved from a life of bucket head and the owners were relieved that no huge Vet bill would be in their immediate future. It's understandable that in the throes of a panicked moment, one would reach for the phone and dial 9-1-1. But a puppy with it's head stuck in a pail? Really?

I don't make them up folks.  Stay safe out there.


  1. Heh. Maybe the callers were smart like a fox: no vet bill.

  2. Buck, I think you may be right on this!

  3. We had a dog that was bad about eating the rabbit's food which was in a large plastic jar. One day a friend stopped my husband in town and said that he had driven by our house. "What is that thing on your dog's head?" My husband didn't know what the guy was talking about. When he got home, the dog had eaten all the rabbit food and the plastic jar was stuck on his head. He looked like some sort of space dog from the Jetsons.

  4. That is hilarious Lou! Your dog could have started an Alien panic.. lol!