Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween at the Firestation

Back in September, my coworkers and I had a brilliant idea. "Let's do a Halloween Trick or Treat at the Fire Station this year! We'll invite all the base kids, the firefighters kids and our COMM center's kids! It will be FUN!" A conversation ensued, ideas were exchanged, interest was peaked and the next thing I knew, I was organizing an event. Well folks, Halloween is tomorrow and what follows here, is my brief accounting of the journey from conception to stark raving lunacy! It is Sunday, October 30th at 9:30 in the morning. Not one decoration has been hung, not one pumpkin has been carved, not one string of lights has been strung! In a stairwell, back in the belly of the station, lies boxes and bags of accumulated items... from humble beginnings of a few donated items, to a massive growth of tangled bones and musty costumes, boxes of brand new store bought decorations and candy, funded by donations from generous coworkers and a fire department association. Candy and more candy and then even more candy. In the last month we have made games, props, flyers, we've prepared frozen ice hands for the punch, little clothespins covered with Kleenex tissue to resemble little ghosts, EMS gloves filled with candy, boxes of craft pumpkins and someone even brought in a FOG machine! I have an assortment of spiders along with various webs, some even lighted! Foam tombstones and eyeballs in bags, a stuffed raven, and well, you get the idea! We started with nothing and now, as I look at the conglomeration, I filled with feelings of 1. Dread 2. Anxiety 3. Excitement 4. Joy 5. Pride. Because of the nature of our environment, I have had to wait to decorate the station because it is constantly in use. Conference rooms, hallways, kitchen, rec rooms... all used on a daily basis.  So starting after shift today around 1530 hours, I and hopefully a few volunteers, will try to throw all this together into some semblance of order! (Say a little prayer for us?) Here is a picture of what we are working with.  I'll get you a pic tomorrow of the finished project!

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