Monday, October 10, 2016

Two Beautiful Souls

Tonight, I typed in the old web address to this blog. I wasn't expecting to be able to access it. I hadn't even googled it in awhile. I was so used to having access blocked at work, that I jumped for joy when I realized my workplace IT guys had finally decided that Blogger was safe.

I was thrilled to be clicking on all the old links to the pages of writers that I used to follow.  I was scrolling and clicking and laughing at some of the things I had missed, and then I wasn't laughing.

The moment I landed on her blog page, I knew. The moment I landed on his blog page, I knew. Two absent years had taken it's toll. Damn Facebook! If Facebook hadn't taken over as my place to post and if time and access hadn't become so limited to me on Blogger, I might have been able to at least check in once in a while and say thank you. As it was, I moved on and in doing so, robbed myself of our connection.

Two beautiful souls gone.  Buck Pennington, and Gertrud Svensson Stockton, I will never be able to express what your writings and fellowship meant to me during the times that I was officially "blogging".  I hope that somewhere, out there in the cosmos, you are able to feel the love and respect.    Never forgotten.

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  1. I am sorry that I did not follow Gertrud, but losing Buck was tough on me. In fact, I am a bit awed that I hurt so bad and miss him so much.