Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's a Darn Shame!

I've had to turn on the comment moderation for this blog .... and I'm sure you won't be surprised why...

yes of course....

It's those nasty spammers again! So please bear with me, I do check my blog daily, even if I can't post daily...

and to all my TRUE readers; I appreciate your comments very, very much!


  1. I have been a victim of the tin foil hat brigade myself.

  2. That stinks FireFox. Make the change to wordpress. I've not had a true Spam reply that made it through their spam blocker yet. ;)

  3. Damn spammers. I HATE spammers.

  4. I hate em too... Had to do the WV thing a while ago. I tried WP but can't get the cotton pickin' thing to work worth a crap...