Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not your Average Fall Sunset

I want to hunker down in my flannels and wrap myself in a warm fleece blanket, hot cup of cocoa and a good book.

Fire in the fireplace, crackling and bright.

The smell of apple pie baking in the oven... cinnamon and spices... mmmmm.

No... no.... I want to walk the beach, toes in the warm sand!

Blue sky through the green leaves above my head!

Warm breeze brushing by me in my hammock!


  1. Dunno fer shure, Alison... but you seem to be just a lil bit conflicted! :-)

    GREAT pic!

  2. Most definately conflicted... hard to say goodbye to summer...but so many nice comforting things in winter as well... sigh...

  3. ohh give me the balmy breezes in the hammock any day!

    I love your pictures too...

  4. beautiful photo! and if it's a vote I choose the hot chocolate with the good book :) but oowee how I wish for real snow with that!!!!

  5. ky and dawn... thanks for the kind words... it's fun to see how folks differ on what they like the weather to be!

  6. Gorgeous! Dreamy! I am ready for some cooler weather here. It has still been in the 80's - not very fall-ish.

  7. Lou - Wow, in the 80's? I've got long pants, sweater and my warm socks on...