Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life's A Beach!

I know, not a very original blog title!
Yesterday I got a text from a co-worker, saying she hoped I was having fun on my vacation. She also went on to assure me that they were getting slammed at work. My reply? Well, I sent her on of these pics without any text attached. You know what they say right? A picture paints a thousand words? Her reply to me was a very nice short sweet message. "Bite me."
Hey, you wanted to know if I was having fun, didn't ya?
I had a very leisurely day yesterday. No appointments, no major projects, just an easy day. I got up early, watered the garden, putzed around the house, then after an early lunch took myself, a beach chair and a book down to Craigville Beach. I was surprised that there weren't that many people there. There was a nice breeze coming on shore and the sun was warm.
Now, I'm not one for sitting much, so after about 30 minutes I took a nice walk along the waters edge. The water temp was just a bit too cool for a dip, but I did get my toes wet - just so I could say I'd been "in the water". That's important if you're keeping track. My mother and grandmother used to keep track. First day of the season, how many times we went swimming during the season and the last day of the season. They would compare it to previous years, commenting on weather and special events that affected our attendance. I guess it might have been a sort of diary in a way. Anyhow, the walk on the beach did me a world of good, fresh air and sunshine, what can be better for your soul? I took myself home and grabbed a nice hammock nap!

Today's forecast? Looks like Life's A Beach may have a sequel! Hope you have a great day, and stay safe out there folks!


  1. Well, Life IS a Beach, assuming you actually HAVE one. ;-)

    I could play with metaphors, too... try "Life is a Desert." Heh.

    (Full disclosure: deserts can be entertaining, but not in the way beaches are)

  2. I love the story about your mom and grandmother. At the end of the summer my dad would ask me what I thought of the summer - like rating it and comparing it to other summers. One of these days, I'm gonna come sit on the beach with you - that just sounds so good.

  3. Buck - you could mush around a little of that desert sand to resemble a beach, a kiddie pool to soak your toes in - maybe a fake palm tree and voila! ;)

    Lou - the offer still stands - guest room available! :)