Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thoughts and Prayers to those in Western Massachusetts

Western MA Tornado Damage

I was at work when the worst of the weather hit. The Cape was spared but as we listened to the MEMA radio we could tell that it was bad. The weather on planet Earth has been wreaking havoc these past several months. I've seen the horror of what's left behind from tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes that have devastated not only parts of our country but all over the world. I have to admit, yesterday's events hit too close to home. I am now very much aware of how easily and quickly the world around me can be completely destroyed. Yet, in all the destruction around them, people come together to help each other.

A ray of hope is found in the ability to see the goodness and kindness in those that surround us in times of despair.

Stay safe out there folks.


  1. Just goes to show that NO place is completely safe.

    My best thoughts for and to the folks in West Mass.

  2. So true. Nothing is ensured. Mother Nature is in charge here - and if you are in her path, there isn't much to do but pray. Her power never ceases to amaze me and I gain more respect for her every time I look at the ocean or watch these horrific results on the news. I feel for those folks - and I'm glad close to home wasn't at my home.

  3. Thanks Buck!

    Amen to that sista!

  4. I'm glad to hear that you are okay. Tornadoes may be fairly commons her in OK, but kind of crazy in Mass.