Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Plimoth Plantation Part Two

The Wampanoag Homesite is located on the banks of the Eel River. The replica of the 17th-century Wampanoag village depicts how they lived along the coast during the growing season; planting their crops, fishing and hunting, gathering wild herbs and berries for food, and reeds for making mats and baskets.

a mishoon - the Wampanoag word for boat - using fire as a tool to hollow out a tree.

The staff in the Wampanoag Homesite are not role players. They are all Native People - either Wampanoag or from other Native Nations - and they are dressed in historically accurate clothing, mostly made of deerskin. They speak from a modern perspective about Wampanoag history and culture.

There are different kinds of homes including a mat-covered wetu, the Wampanoag word for house, and a bark-covered long house or nush wetu, meaning a house with three fire pits inside.

The Eel River


  1. Wow, everything looks so beautiful and green there. We are about to dry up and blow away here.

  2. Those are nice, and I 'really' wouldn't have wanted to try to live that close to the coast back then...

  3. The Mooflower? MOOFLOWER? Really? Wow. :-)

    Great pics, Alison. I'm with Lou, coz it's the same thing here. Hot. Dry. Brown. And burning, in places.