Tuesday, October 15, 2013

An Unexpected Trip (in more ways than one)!

King Richard's Faire in Carver, MA

The folks who work here - obviously enjoy their work!

The Torture Show

It was difficult to tell whether these folks were employees or attendees. A good portion of the folks who attended the faire were dressed in costumes. Some were quite elaborate.

I have no idea.

A Joust participant

A Whip Demonstration

This cute cub kept me entertained for awhile.

There was a parade....

Still not sure if these folks were employees or guests?

One never knows what one will find in the woods....


  1. Brilliant pics. I got some sensitive body parts caught in the wringer when I made light of people who play in the SCA. The Second Mrs. Pennington beat the Hell out o' me in an off-line e-mail discussion after I put that post up. They're pretty serious about what they do.

  2. Buck, I had never heard of the SCA until you referenced it in your comment. Truly, I have led a sheltered life. After reading up on it, I can't help but draw certain similarites to folks who attend Comic Con or who used to go to late night theater in costume for Rocky Horrow Picture shows. The difference I see is that the SCA represents a reality of past history... whereas the others are respresentative of fantasies. Like you, it is not my cup o' tea, but it is at least a very amusing way to spend an afternoon. I now have a better understanding of the whole event. Thank you!