Saturday, October 19, 2013

Squirrel Snacks or Bad Winter to Come?

This "was" one of my fall decorations... It's been hanging on the railing outside my front door for a couple of weeks now. (I bought it about 2 years ago)  As I'm pulling into my driveway this afternoon, I see Mr. Squirrel up on my front step, an unusual place for him to be.  I can't figure out what he's doing up there so I sit in the truck for a minute watching. He climbs up on the railing and starts helping himself to a nice little meal.  Now, I can't be sure, but I'm guessing that the stuff they used to spray on this decoration to make it all pretty, can't be good for anyone including squirrels to eat. But, as you can see, he had already consumed quite a bit of it before I chased him away.  If I find a squirrel feet up in my back yard tomorrow.....  someone told me that there are no acorns on the ground this year.... surely a sign of bad weather to come? (Not to mention bad for the squirrel population.)

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  1. I remember one year when My Mother put "Indian Corn" as a decoration on our front porch, which was open to the elements. The next morning, we heard this awful ruckus outside. We opened the door and about ten crows flew away from our porch. The corn had been stripped bare!