Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fishless but fun!

Well the weather didn't cooperate much on my days off, but I did get to use the fishing pole on Mother's Day when the sun finally decided to break through... Still cold and a bit windy, but it sure was nice to be able do some casting. The Daiwa reel is working great, the seaworms are plentiful and all we need is some warm weather to bring in the bass. I had a great time with my friends (see pic---->)
but all we caught was mung (seaweed).
I had planned on doing a lot more around house but the weather was just too wet, cold and nasty to inspire me to clean out the garage and basement, nor was it dry enough to mow the back forty. I have 22 windows in the house that still have a layer of plastic on them to keep out the cold drafts, another project that remains to be done, due to the lack of warmth in the air! (The furnace is still kicking on in the mornings).
Went down to the harbor to read the newspaper and sip on coffee for awhile (a daily routine) and snapped this picture with the cell phone camera...
This isn't a fishing spot but it's a great place to watch the boats going in and out of the harbor. The whale watch boats leave from here in the summer and there's a great clam shack just down the road that serves the best seafood around. The marina has a fancy shmancy restaurant for those who enjoy that sort of thing and one can sit with cocktails overlooking the marina's hustle and bustle of fishing boats and pleasure crafts.
Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day... best wishes to all!


  1. Sorry the fishing didn't turn out so great, but I hope your days off were good. That looks like a great place for morning coffee.

  2. OH well, at least you weren't at work :-)

  3. Wow. What a wonderfully peaceful-looking place this is! I haven't fished in years (and years!), but I'd sure like to hang out where you were, FF.

  4. *sigh* Looks like heaven. Hope you had a wonderful time!

  5. Lou - it was great just putting the line in the water!
    Jim - any day off from work is a good day!
    Buck - it is usually very crowded and noisy in the summer.... pesky tourists! We hibernate in the summer, retreating to the lesser known areas.
    KV - sounds like it might be time for a road trip for you! Hope you're recovering ok from those nasty storms?