Monday, May 19, 2008

Sorry I haven't been posting much these past few days... just busy with the "spring cleaning" at home and living the life!
My daughter had her art work displayed at the local Museum of Art this week. She is involved in their internship program, and has been working with a local graphic designer for the past few months. The culmination of the program was the display of art work and an "opening exhibition" for all the parents and teachers to attend. I can tell you I was very proud of her, as well as all her peers that participated. These kids have a lot of talent and it's great to see the local community support and encourage them. Some of their artwork will eventually be displayed in the state house. (A big feather in the cap, if you ask me!)
We've had a couple of changes occur at work; nothing we can't adapt to and recover from, but nonetheless we as humans all seem to balk against changes. I will say this: I've seen some inspiring actions taking place from my fellow co-workers (stepping up to the plate) and because of those actions I have a renewed sense of pride in my team. They are a great bunch of people!
I've also started working on an online independent study program through FEMA; a ten hour course to start with, on Emergency Management then on to Hazardous Materials, Incident Command and so on... all of which will enhance my abilities to understand and communicate orders, obtain appropriate resources and increase my knowledge of resource coordination on the local, state and federal levels. It also never hurts to know what the other hand is doing!
I've been popping in on all of my usual reads, very much enjoying the posts, sometimes commenting, sometimes just lurking... but want you all to know that I truly appreciate the sharing of your lives, thoughts and day to day musings. I need to update my blog roll desperately... it's grown to enormous proportions, each and every one of the blogs I read - well worth the link. It's on the to-do-list...!
I am unable to provide you with any political inspiration as mine has hit an all time low and may need CPR before November... For some politics of a different nature check out Exile in Portales and his post Politics of Dancing. Much more thought inspiring (and fun) than the current events at campaign headquarters!
I'm just finishing up the last few hours of a double shift... and then it's home to grab a few hours of sleep. While most of you are beginning your day... I will be dreaming of being here.
Have a great day!


  1. My blogging has been catch-as-catch-can lately too. Sounds like you have been very busy.

    Congrats to your daughter on her art show - isn't it great to see her work displayed in a show?

  2. Lou - It's awesome to see her work (blood, sweat and tears) being appreciated by others. Not so much for myself, but for how I see her responding to the rewards of her labors!

  3. What Lou said: Congrats to your daughter, FF! Great accomplishment!

    Thanks for the link, too.

    I'm just now catching up after a couple of days of non-reading (that would be not reading just about anything/everything). I hear ya about your blog-roll. Reading my entire roll in a single sitting is almost impossible now... yet I still try on occasion.