Thursday, May 29, 2008

They're Here!

A cicada is a large "fly-like" insect with large membranous wings. The males make loud shrill sounds in tree-tops during the summer and early fall months. These sounds are used to attract female cicadas for mating. These sounds can sometimes exceed 100 decibels. Other common names for Cicadas are "Harvest Fly", "Locust" or "Heat Bug".

We get the 17 year Periodical Cicada..... quite the "looker"



  1. My first experience with cicadas was when I was a young teenager. We used to go to the Colorado River to waterski and camp out...that meant sleeping outside on cots...and those bugs would never shut-up! We always had the fear that they were going to come and get us during the night. I don't know what they would have done to us, but we still thought they would try to get us...creepy!

  2. We've always had some cicadas, but one year they were particularly worse than the rest. I was in wood working class and wearing a sun dress one day. We went out and cranked up the sanders and apparently sounded like we were making sexual overtures to said bugs. They descended on us like crazy and I ended up with one in the top part of my sun dress.

    Shop class turned into "strip and run" class that day. :D

    Hope their noise doesn't drive you nuts this year.

  3. Finally making my way through all the blogs from DGM. I hate cicadas. Hate them. Hate the sound. Hate the ooze they leave on the windshield. But what I hate the MOST are Cicada Killing Wasps. Seriously....look them up. They are terrifying. That's what I have in my back yard.