Monday, June 2, 2008

Mish Mash

I've been really struggling with a topic to post about. I have surfed all over the internet for several days, and have found many interesting articles and posts. But that's just it; it's already been written about, disscussed, commented on. I was crushed to hear about Harvey Korman passing away. The Carol Burnett show was one of my favorites back in the day. Politics are in the forefront of many blogs that I've been reading, the deal with the delagates, Obama finding a new church, the Mynmar government refusing aid. Sports has been exciting; watching the Red Sox win, the Celtics are playing well,NASCAR had a heck of a race at Dover (a crash involving eleven cars knocked out alot of the top contenders), and of course the Redwings are only one away from the Stanley Cup! I've been on wild tangents too. On NFO's sight a very well written post about how The Democrat Party has become the Lawyers Party got some good comments and in one I found a link which, after reading, prompted me to do some research into the The Federal Reserve. I also ended up on a Charlestown SC Fire Department tangent because I watched a brief clip on TV about the Summerfield basketball team winning the state championship. You see, their coach Louis Mulkey was one of the nine firefighters killed in the Super Store fire in 2007. Some one sent me this Speed Typing Test so I spent nearly half an hour playing with that.
So you can see I've been all over the place... yesterday was just the same. I ended up researching Muslim Distribution of Shia and Sunni Populations and of course had to stop in and see how Phoenix was doing on Mars.
Okay, okay... I'll stop now! Borderline ADHD I know!


  1. Hey!! Thanks! You've given me an idea for something to post! (As I wander around these here 'tubes a lot, too, and rarely post about it these days...)

    I've just been SO ate up with how The Beloved Wings are doing in the playoffs... read that as "preoccupied"... that everything else has taken a back seat (if it gets a seat, at all).

    That should change after tonite! ;-)

  2. LOL- FF look at what you learned :-) Sometimes just wandering through the various tangents is a story in itself!

  3. That's what I love about the net.

    You can learn about anything with a couple of clicks.