Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One of My Happy Places!

I am truly one of the fortunate, living in such a beautiful area of the country. This view is merely a short walk to the end of my street, down a path covered in pine needles, to the lake where this gorgeous view awaits me. It never lets me down, any season, it is always breath-taking! I have seen many sunrises and sunsets from this small dock. In the summer, I spent many days with my daughter, her cousins and assorted friends, jumping off of rafts, splashing in the cool water, warming ourselves in the sun. In the fall, I sat looking out at the golden autumn colors of the surrounding trees, wishing summer hadn't ended so quickly! The winter was always so long; cold, blustery days when all I did was peek down the hill and out over the lake.... sometimes venturing close enough to inspect the thick ice, or look for animal tracks in the sand along the waterfront. When spring arrived, it was so refreshing to see the green of the trees and feel the warm sun on my face, as I stretched out on the dock, dangling my feet into the still, cold water.
I've come to think of this place as my "thinking" place, but I don't really think, when I am there. I just sit and take in all of the natural beauty; the stillness of the water, the magnificent colors of the sky, the small wisps of clouds, the sun setting on yet another day....
I hope that all of you have some place (Your Happy Place)that brings you as much joy as this place does for me!


  1. That is a great place to "think."

  2. Beautiful! You remind me exactly why I get a lil bit wistful for the four seasons from time to time, Alison. That, and forests that stretch as far as one can see...

    Your dock looks like a place to simply "be." And that's a Great Good Thing.

  3. That view is truly inspiring.

    No wonder you chose it.

  4. Wow...how lucky you are to have that beautiful place so close to your house. We live on the water, so my special place is actually my own backyard. The water has such a calming effect. After a hectic day at work, I love coming home to our house. Thanks for sharing your special place with us.

  5. What a great view. I see why it is your happy place.