Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall at Craigville Beach

Something about the way the light hits the water at this time of year, is a tell tale that fall has arrived.
The dreaded Golden Rod, a horrible blight to those hayfever sufferers, creates a yellow glow on the dunes of sand all over these beaches.
And this fellow is a Horseshoe Crab... Before becoming mature around age 9, they have to shed their shells some 17 times. They can live for as long as 31 years! This guy wasn't so lucky.... Not sure what did him in, but he was resting along the shore and I discovered him on my walk.


  1. Thanks for the comment... Please feel free to link with mine. I'm honored.

    Loved the pictures. But then again, I'm partial to the ocean and beach.

  2. For the past few days here in Florida, the weather has felt a little different...still up in the 80's, but the humidity has let up a little. Probably just because of a temporary weather pattern, but it still feels so good! Hope you have a nice weekend!

  3. It's still summer here on The High Plains, for all intents and purposes (82 degrees, as I type). But your photos gave me a feeling of relief, Alison. Thanks for that!

  4. ky woman - I spend alot of time at the beach walking - I never get tired of being near the sea!
    sharon - soon you'll be wearing sweaters down there? I remember my first winter in FL- thought everyone was crazy for wearing coats etc. but the following winter I was wearing one too!
    buck- wow, 82 degrees? don't think you'll be seeing snow any time soon!
    jim - thanks!

  5. I love your beach pictures and wish I were with you walking on the beach. It is still quite warm here in OK with temps in the upper 80's and low 90's, which is not really bad. I am just so ready for cool weather - so I can wear that new sweater that I forgot to take on vacation.

  6. Rick - thanks for stopping by!

    Lou - Wouldn't mind seeing some warm temps! I actually thought about (ugh) turning on the furnace for a couple of days.... some of the mornings have been in the high 40's low 50's. We've had a week of rain and overcast skies... but soon the leaves will turn colors and I'll be raking for the next 5 weeks! You will definately need that sweater here!

  7. Gorgeous pictures. I want to be there. Even with horseshoe crabs.

  8. Lindsey - thanks! When I was a kid, we used to swim at a beach where they were overpopulated... every step you took in the water, you had to watch out for them... their tails are razor sharp and they have sharp points on the top of their shells!