Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sylvania 300 - NASCAR

I was very lucky to be able to attend last Sunday's NASCAR race in Loudon, NH! With the remnants of the hurricane threatening to rain out the race, it was looking like we'd be driving up, just for the sake of driving. The weather reports promised that the rain would move out in time for the 2pm race to start... and they were right! Just about noon, it quit raining, although still overcast and extremely humid. We marched the mile and a half from the parking lot to the track.

I don't think you can even see up as high as our seats were! I have a fear of heights, but I conquered it, and once we were up in our seats.... what a view!

Our friends were sitting at the Start/Finish Line and sent us via cellphone camera a picture of their favorite driver, Dale Earnhart (#88) as he whizzed by them!

Jimmy Johnson,(#48)my favorite driver, nearly took the race, but with only 3 laps to go, Greg Biffle, (#16) slipped by him with a classic move to take the race. Here's a shot of him performing the "burnout" that every driver does after winning a race!

Diamond Rio sang the National Anthem, and the customary military jets flew over (obscured by the clouds but still loud and awesome!) Senator McCain was in attendance, spoke at the opening and although I waved, cheered and clapped, he just couldn't see or hear me amongst the other one hundred thousand fans! He didn't really get a huge cheering reaction as most folks from these here parts are partial to the Democratic Party. Still, folks were polite, no boo-ing hissing or catcalls were heard... much to my relief, and still, scattered amidst it all, were the few unabashed Republicans... clapping, hootin and hollerin! Just think, I was at a NASCAR race with, possibly the next president of the United States?!
It was a good race, and even if it did take an hour and a half just to get out of the parking lot, I don't regret the experience for a moment!


  1. Dang... that's a LOT of people there! I'm more of a road race fan than circle track NASCAR, but... it's ALL good.

    Apropos of something... I read your comment at Lou's about '69 396 Chevelles. Didja know I owned a '67 350 hp SS396 Chevelle (they came in three flavors: 325, 350, and 375 hp)? Bought it new in the way-back and it was one of the BEST cars I ever owned... period, end of report.

  2. Fast cars goin' round 'n round! I hear the crowd alone is lots of fun.

  3. Must have been so exciting to see a Nascar race in person.

  4. Thought I would pop on over read a bit so I was reading this post to my hubby over the phone. He was definitely jealous as he had to content himself with listening here and there to the race while at work when he got spare time. Allthough, being an all time Nascar fan, it was better than nothing. Great post ;-)