Friday, July 18, 2008

Back To Work.... that little four letter word!

I'm back at it today... thought you'd get a kick out the photo's below... the first one is a picture of our early years as a county radio dispatch circa 1960's. I think they used old spare NASA parts to construct the radio equipment! The second picture is our old dispatch center as it was when we moved out a year ago. This is where I trained, and worked for two years. The last, is of course a picture of the current equipment we work with now. It is state of the art and although it seems intimidating, is very user friendly. I am very lucky to work here. If you would like a better look at the COMM Center, click here then on the right side of the page under "Whats New" click on "View Previous Update History" and look for "7-11-07 Otis Headquarters". Sorry, there's no direct link or I'd set it up here for you!
Hope everyone is doing well... I'll seizure later! (Bad EMS humor... sorry!)


  1. Very nice place to work...modern, clean, efficient. You must be very proud! Our shop is totally out of control. My husband likes to buy auto parts on ebay for future restorations that he will be completing in the next 100 years. It's nice working for your husband though, I don't have to stress out if I'm late or want to leave early.
    Hope you're still coping with your busy schedule. Have a good day!

  2. wow.. what a difference a few decades makes. Cool setup.

  3. I'm with Hammer - those work areas are so different - technology is amazing.

  4. The first pic is exactly like the stuff I worked on in my early days, as is the "workstation," and I use the term loosely. Not the radar equipment, but the spook-stuff I tended in the mid- to late-60s. Early 70s, too!

    And your last pic is reminiscent of my work environment when I finally got out of the IT biz six years ago. It was a long, strange trip, lemmeee tell ya! But then again, I don't have to tell ya, Alison... you know! ;-)

  5. ONLY four monitors??? LOL Bless you for what you do! Without you, our emergency services would be in the toilet in more ways than one. At least it is a nicer environment, and not kept at 65 degrees to keep the systems cool.

  6. Sharon - I like your work hours! The COMM Center is basically a dust magnet and it's tough to keep up with it as it's fully operational 24/7. The cleaners have to clean around us!
    Hammer & Lou - I'm often surprised myself with how fast things are progressing... even now!
    Buck - The spook stuff? Now I'm curious!
    Jim - Actually most positions have 6 monitors, and one has 7. Eye strain IS the name of the game! Not sure why, but we have temp issues in the new center... no one seems to know how to set the timers so we are constantly up and down... mostly freezing!

  7. Buck - The spook stuff? Now I'm curious!

    I spent a few years working on ELINT systems around the periphery of the former USSR. A post about one such site is here. There are more, all labeled either "Sinop" or "Wakkanai" on EIP.