Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hazy Summer Day

Sitting here with you,
looking out over the harbor,
we watch in silence....
The haze hangs low, just above the water.
It distorts distance, muffles noises.
Boats churn by us, children are playing on a sandbar
not far away.
The sun illuminates the haze, oh where are my
sunglasses? Brilliant! it hurts my blue eyes.
You are peering through the binoculars,
content to watch whalers, and clam diggers and
the little yellow finch that landed right in front of us!
I can see the dunes, shadows in the morning fog,
is the water warm enough to go swimming?
You make me smile, with your pant legs rolled up,
barefooted and wiggling your toes at me,
"Come on! Let's get our feet wet!"
The marsh is mucky and slick,
and it makes sucking noises as it squishes
between our toes....
but the cool ocean water washes them clean.
If I could make this moment last forever,
you and I
and the little yellow finch,
would play here today and always.


  1. Nice way to remember this special moment, by sharing it with us on your blog. Sometimes I experience something so special and I think I will remember it forever, but as time passes, the memory passes too. I guess we all need to keep a journal to record these small but important times in our lives.

  2. I second Lou, Alison. Very nice!