Thursday, July 17, 2008

Craigville Beach

Craigville Beach Yacht Club
A windy day at the beach
Two of the many cottages

She sells seashells...
Neatly Manicured

There is so much more to Craigville than just these few pictures can show. It is one of the most popular tourist spots on the Cape. I love to walk the beach in the early morning, before the sun-worshipers arrive. On the left, the waves; on the right, the cottages, estates, summer homes, all dressed up, beach grass for the front yard and a neatly manicured lawn in the back... Across the street from the beach, the smell of fried seafood will soon drift in the air from the little clam shack. It's been such a great summer so far... and even though I'm up to my eyeballs and hours at work, I can still find a few precious moments to spend here...


  1. Oh, Alison! I SO envy your location... in the summer. It's just picture-post-card perfect, innit? But the winters would (and have) certainly deter me from living in your part of the world...

  2. It all sounds so wonderful. I loved the sea shells and sand you sent. I love your pictures - I can almost feel the ocean breeze. As I have said before, I love to read Luann Rice books because of the descriptions of the North East coast. They just seem magical.