Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stormy Weather - The different sides of Cape Cod

An old Cape Cod saying is: "If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute". It's very true, as I can attest to today... At 8:30 am the pictures below were taken at Long Beach and Sandy Neck Beach. The sun was shining, the wind whipping in from off-shore after last night's storm.... A balmy 80 degrees already!

At 10:00 am I came out from shopping at the Christmas Tree Shop,
and saw the storm clouds looming in the distance....
big thunderheads, black and menacing... so I figured I'd better hurry home to close the windows in the house! Fifteen minutes later, no clouds, no rain, sunshine again!? However, as I sit here typing at 1:50 pm, the thunder and lightning have passed through and the rain which poured for a moment or two, has become just a "pit pat" on the window glass pane.
My backyard is a bit damp....

What's even stranger about the weather on Cape Cod is you can travel from one side to the other and experience rain on the northside, while people are soaking up the sun on the southside!


  1. I've heard that "...just wait a minute" comment about the WX everywhere I've ever lived, but it's more true in some places than others. Cape Cod appears to be one such place!

    NM weather, OTOH, is remarkably consistent... it's nearly always sunny, if nothing else. Don't ask me about the frickin' wind, tho... ;-)

  2. *sigh*.....I really, really want to be on that beach!!!!Take me with you!

  3. Buck, let's not talk about wind... In Texas we were downwind of y'all. Last thing that slowed it down was the barbed wire fence in Montana! sigh...

  4. I was thinking like Buck - I've heard that saying about OK, but maybe not with such majesty as the storms on Cape Cod.

  5. Last thing that slowed it down was the barbed wire fence in Montana!

    Hey Ol' NFO! That's exactly what we used to say about the WX when I was stationed up in NoDak... "Nothing between us and the North Pole but a few barbed wire fences!" But that was a different sort of WX and MOST definitely a different time and place... ;-)