Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Provincetown Whale Watch

My best friend Kathy and I decided to spend a day on a whale watch out of Provincetown. She is the only friend I have who can and will take a day off in the middle of the week, to do something touristy like this! I made a lunch to bring with us; ham and cheese sandwiches, crackers, grapes, and le Oreos for dessert. Just a couple of hicks pretending to be tourists on the Cape. Even though she has lived on the Cape for more than 30 years, she had never been on a WW, so I , being the vetran of sorts (this was my third trip), led the way. We made the 12:30 boat (pictured above) and settled up near the bow of the boat on the port side. We had gorgeous weather, calm seas and this is some of what we saw...

Provincetown is a hub of activity.... fishing, cruises, art, shops, people watching, museums... the place bursts at the seams in the summer.
The Pilgrim Monument is one of the most recognizable structures on the Cape.

The Lobster Pot has some great seafood, and if you want to do carryout, they even have FROZEN Clam Chowder that you can take with you to heat and eat at another time.

On Tuesday, February 10th, 1998 this is what Provincetown looked like. Click here for the full story.

It was a great day, and we both decided we'd have to do it again before the season ends.


  1. Awesome photos of the whales!! You do get a few tourists up there...that boat is really loaded! Don't you wish that you could enjoy all your favorite sites without all the people? That is one scary shot of the town on fire in 1998.

  2. A whale watch beats the heck out of a cow watch. One of these days I am going to show up on your doorstep so that you can take me on a WW.

  3. What a great day out!

    I read the article about the Provincetown fire, and that certainly WAS a near-run thing. God Bless volunteer firefighters!

  4. Sharon - it would be awesome to have my own boat to go out in, except I'd be a bit intimidated by the size of the whales. I think... it would have to be a BIG boat!

    Lou - I told you... I've got the spare bedroom all set up for you! You don't get seasick do you? P-town would be a good place for you to check out all the art and artists... bring your easel!

    Buck - It was such a huge deal here at work that they have made case studies of how the alarms were handled, (apparatus to the scene and for coverage). When you see how close together the structures in that area of P-town are, you can understand how close they came to losing the whole downtown district. (Old wooden buildings built in the 1800's etc.)